Project Braes Bayou 3

The prettiest sight of all today!

This is the third quarterly report regarding the Project Braes in my neighborhood near the Texas Medical Center in Houston. The majority of the work is done and orchestrated by the Harris County Flood Control District and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The Houston Parks Board, a non-profit, is working with them, to create more recreational space in this area. Google Maps now includes the Braes Bayou Greenway Trail, and it’s making more sense to me, now that I can see the plan! I still do not pretend to be an engineer or flood expert. I’m a Realtor who happens to live in the neighborhood, and I thought it would be fun to follow the progress to the finish.

This is the east end of the project I haven’t pictured before. I was looking west from the Bertner Street bridge in the medical center. These parallel trails coincide with the Google Maps drawing of the Braes Bayou Greenway Trail.

This is a view from No. Braeswood looking toward the Main St. bridge. I do believe they are building a “seawall” and fence along this area!

From this same place at No. Braeswood and Braeswood Ct., I can tell the “seawall” and fence are complete along the So. Braeswood side.

Also from No. Braeswood, this time looking west at the Kirby bridge, you can see a lot of concrete on the So. Braeswood side. Wooden fencing on the north side is keeping people off the path. I think this is your first glimpse of the trails going under the bridges. This one on the south side looks awesome!

From the west side of the Kirby bridge, you can see the same treatment with the wooden fencing and the “seawall” type concrete fence being assembled.

At No. Braeswood and Brompton, you can see the completed fence on the south side of Braeswood. They must not be planning one on the north side.

Looking west from the Kirby bridge on the No. Braeswood side, the south side trail is still incomplete. It looks like a dead end at this time. I wonder what they are thinking…meanwhile wildflowers are growing in this undisturbed portion of the bayou, and it is lovely!

Now I’m on the south side of Braeswood, and I can see the trail and fencing are finished and wildflowers are taking hold on this side of the bayou.

Looking west from Braesmain on So. Braeswood, I can see the fencing on the north side at the West University water treatment facility, and the trail on that side. Between Buffalo Speedway and Kirby, the Braes Bayou Greenway Trail will be on the north side of the bayou until you reach Holcombe (which is going east beyond the scope of this current project) where it will be on both sides of the bayou.

I know people are tired of seeing the signs saying “Trail Closed”, but hopefully, it won’t be long until a really amazing trail, much better than you have even experienced, will be ready! I’ll keep you posted!

Meanwhile, if you would like to live near this Braes Bayou Greenway Trail, there are single family and townhomes for sale in all price ranges. Call me for an appointment to learn more about these neighborhoods on the south and north sides of the bayou!! 713-530-0150!

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